About Us

In short, we develop deep technology expertise in young students and working professionals.

Deep Technology Expertise for Young Graduates and Working Professionals.

RenrgyX brings transformational learning programs to young
and experienced professionals. Our digital platform offers a
hybrid on-site and online experience to seekers of deep
technology expertise.

Our programs are focussed towards a targeted mini-project
which provide a hands-on experience to our students.

We partner with institutions, experienced professionals and
corporations to create and deliver world-class programs and

Get the winning edge

Renrgyx Advantage

  • IT Industry Experts with vast multinational company experience
  • Access to Placement Partner Network
  • Convenience of Acquiring Skills while at school or at work

Renrgyx Methodology

  • World-Class Course Material
  • Interactive Lectures
  • Case Studies
  • Hands-on Practice Sessions
  • Project Work

Business Case

A large telecommunications provider wanted to bring in recent college graduates who could be aligned with their culture and become an asset to their development team.

  • We helped in identifying candidates for multiple locations.
  • Candidates had a computer science background, good academic and some experience.
  • Skills deployed: Full Stack Dev Ops, QA Automation.
  • Resources Deployed: 30
Cohort Size:

10 Candidates


8 Weeks


Greater Baltimore, Maryland

We work with our clients closely in building their talent streams/pools


Participate in due diligence to understand the talent needs of the customer


Represent customer, engage with candidates and educate on the scope and roles. Conduct quality checks of recruits before they join the training and post-completion of training


Coordinate final interview post-training and onboard candidates as contractors for a 12 – 24 month engagement

Rules of Engagement


  • Validate or provide any specific training criteria (if required) beyond standard curriculum
  • Evaluate the targeted candidates for the training program
  • Coach candidates on company culture, environment and expectations
  • Provide in-house mentor for up to 8 weeks post-deployment
  • Coordinate any performance issues with Renrgyx for immediate replacement


  • Scope and role discussions including candidate education, skill-level and competencies
  • Collaborate with client to finalise curriculum for training
  • Recruitment of potential candidates
  • Train candidates
  • Manage all pre-deployment screening and on-boarding logistics
  • Facilitate dialogue between candidates and client throughout the process